By Will Myers

Our faith is in tandem with our U.S. Constitutions. Our faith encourages respect for the individual and our Constitution reinforces this belief by explicitly stating that no person(s) or government shall interfere with a citizen’s right to seeking a fulfilling life. Of course, many citizens don’t believe this and they actively impede another person from acquiring a fulfilling life. We have special interest groups (SIG) who collection sensitive info about a targeted citizen and distribute info that causes grave adversities in the life of the targeted private citizen. This makes it a criminal act. It is very difficult for the targeted citizen to have standing in the courts even if the targeted citizen can show devastation, as liken unto lost of livelihood. As SIG grows in power we are actually losing our free democracy and free society alone with the right to be let alone. Many political pundits are screaming socialism. I say no; it’s hyper-communism whereas the government owns our virtual-minds stored on computers, and governs with absolute power.

The oligarch class has always existed. They are the mega-rich on the planet who control the distribution of goods and items. They are the industrialist who trade with foreign countries. There is a natural coalition among the businesses with the goal of making profits. The oligarchies do not believe in a free democracy; they tolerate it. A free democracy with civil liberties is a threat to their assets. They understandably fear that a movement would successfully take their assets. Consequently, the oligarch class supports the SIG snake organization that uses sensitive information about each private citizen (dossiers) to pit each party against others. What happens is that SIG channels as many persons as they can to devastate a targeted private citizen.

The SIG snake organization is the operative who is developing hyper-communism. The oligarch class finances SIG who is moving us away from a free democracy and a free society by taking advantage of people who is not knowledgeable about how to keep our free society; they, without awareness, works to destroy our free society because they can not resist having an advantage over another and can feel impowered by belonging to a groups who is essential picking on a targeted person in the name of doing what is best for the poor targeted person; SIG feeds the life of a targeted person to others in order for them to serve the snake; thereby, empowering the SIG snake organization.

It is easy for the oligarchs around the planet to jell and form a One World Government as soon as SIG conditions the populace to receive the One World Government. After all, SIG is the operative who controls the minds of the populace on the planet. We are approaching this state.

Many socio-political pundits proclaim that we are suffering through authoritarianism verse freedoms. But, I say that we are wrestling with SIG the snake to maintain originality and self-determination. The SIG snakes have the ability at present to mentally enslave any targeted person. It has been growing rapidly during the past 20 years after Bush authorized surveillance of domestic America.

Our Christian religion preserves respect for the individual as does most religions. This is why SIG wants to push religion out of America. The SIG snakes have successfully pushed Christianity out of public schools and workplaces owned mostly by the oligarch class who desires such actions. Once the barrier which demands that an individual must be respected has been thwarted then SIG has rapidly grew. This growth caused many school shootings and workplace killings plus massive killing in the public.

This communistic government has been tried and failed many times in the history of mankind because it does disrespects the individual. May the existential aspect of the major theistic religions save humans from the dropping-hammer of secular humanism.

About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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