By Will Myers

The person(s) that have the consensus of the group or government in the masses sense can exercise power over an individual. This is the natural state of civilization or politics. For the individual to have standing against the group or the masses is a very improbable situation. The creators of our U.S. Constitution attempted to do just such a thing even when the existing conditions in our country was far from such a state. We had slavery. We had power exercised by the religious element over individuals in a coercive manner to a much effective way then at present. The have-nots exceeded the haves in enormous numbers. America after the signing of our constitution started on the glorious road of personal freedoms; explicitly supported by the Supreme Court of America who supported the rights of an individual and gave standing to the individual which protected the individual’s rights and freedoms under the U.S. Constitution. Although, men in our society continued to work to enslave the minds of the citizens; we now have the battlefield for the mind of each individual citizen. America is being guided off the glorious path to personal freedoms and liberties without any adversity being between the individual and their God.

From the beginning of civilization the leaders needed the power to control the constituents. Some leaders were just and others were tyrannical. Their religion usually preserved the individuals to some extent, but the heavy hand of their laws was usually draconian.

Our present government in America maintains law and order with reserved powers. None the less, we have a shadow government that effects our lives on a daily bases. The special interest groups (SIG) who monitor private citizens collects sensitive information, expertly analyzes the info, is distributed, causing adversity in the life of a targeted private citizen. Society has always had this element who works to control the people. The SIG snake organization desires to be the people’s god. These snakes works to mode the private citizen’s mind for their self interest rather than the individual. As a matter of fact, SIG desires to eliminate the word “individual.” Their belief is that the individual belong to the people, the group, and exist to serve the needs of the people.

The relatively new concept of government is that the individual has God given rights that can not be breached; the rights are indivisible. The SIG snake organization opposes this concept. At present, SIG is working to occupy our free society and fill it with numerous adversities directed at each targeted private citizen and the celebrities. This is the force; this is not the connection that one wants. This is a criminal enterprise in progress as defined by the U.S. Constitution.

The individual under attack suffers from isolation and stigmatization. The individual suffers from the stolen originality and self worth because the self is not recognized by SIG the snake. The individual’s personal effects are vandalized in order to force the targeted individual to comply to the desires of the SIG snakes. This local scrutiny lead to the individual’s life being endangered. SIG causes people to disrespect the individual who suffers castration of original thought thereby suffering destruction of their self worth and self esteem.

Always the group controls the individual as in socialism and communism and all other governments. Only in a high quality democracy with a constitution that preserves individual rights, civil rights. America was on that path but Trump has turned our society toward hypercommunism in which the government owns the virtual-minds of the citizens with power to determine the thoughts and movement of individual citizens. Individuals are losing the right to be let alone, our privacy rights in order to function safely in a true democracy. Followers of Trump is being greatly deceived. They are being led away from guaranteed freedom to conditional freedoms which shall be shrined slowly. The un-Constitution affects:

1) In hypercommunism the individual is suppressed allowing no love.

2) The individual’s joy is stolen and turned into a charge for the snakes of hypercommunism.

3) The individual wrestles with the devil snakes who takes the peace of mind of the individual.

4) The individual is stigmatized. Local scrutiny is as bad as national scrutiny and causes violence liken unto mass killings.

5) The individual is isolated and ostracized.

Our U.S. Constitution gives the civil right of no person, group, or government shall place adversity into the life of any individual and the individual is guaranteed the freedom to seek a fulfilling life without adversity being placed into their life. The SIG snake organization is a criminal enterprise as defined by our U.S. Constitution. This is an improbable state because the individual is never stronger than the group. The SIG group can always over power the individual. For America society under the umbrella of our constitution has slowly bent toward individual freedoms. SIG works for mental enslavement

Kindness and goodness is not recognized. Gentleness has no place and is attacked by special interest groups (SIG) who poses as being the voice of the people but is a snake undermining our constitutional individual freedoms and protections.

Under our Constitution the individual has standing against the masses and these are indivisible rights. In the spirit of the Constitution we have the right to have no person nor group blocking our relationship with our God with the same applying to our right to have no adversities place obstructively into our seeking a fulfilling life. No person, group, nor government shall place adversities into the life of any law abiding citizen – no deep state, secret government, or covert organization have any authority above the laws and Constitutional rights for the individual. The mature, responsible individual obeys the laws while the law polices the immature impulses of the irresponsible individual. Hail to our U.S. Constitution that preserves the individual as opposed to the people enslaving of the individual.

About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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  1. Will Myers says:

    I am a witness and experienced all of the article content plus much more. Special interest groups (SIG) who monitor private citizens and places adversities into their lives that are in the best interest of SIG not the targeted individual. SIG is the devil.


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