Tenets Of Reality

I am Christian, and have accepted Jesus as my spiritual leader and most of all my Inspirator from God. I have learned that the major religions such as Muslim, Hindu, and Others who worship one God has more in common than not. So, I am posting an article which leans toward Eastern spiritual thoughts. We are all brothers in the sight of God; we just place emphasize on certain aspects of our creation. I do believe that all religions are a special case of Christianity.

Nothing exists for nothing, creation is not of itself made, and nothing in it has nothing to do. Creation exists solely though an Intelligent Design formulated by the Creators to expand themselves within themselves without limit according to rule. There is aught in Creation not of the Design.

You are not aware of the design because you are not aware of the Principles of Creation. Instead, your entire world view is through a stygian deep of stagnant thought known as the ‘Mentallized Illusion’. The Mentallized Illusion is the accumulated by-product of your wayward thinking over three and a half million years. Because of the illusion your notions about Reality are completely misguided.

For example, you believe the entirety of Creation is a fourteen billion year old Universe. In Reality, Creation is over nine hundred trillion light years across and still within its infancy.

Likewise, you hold that God is a Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. ln Reality, the Holy Trinity is a Father, Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and Mother. ‘As above so below’. The attribute of the Father is Intelligence, the attribute of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter is Energy, and the attribute of the Mother is Substance.

Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is all there is.

You likewise believe that ‘God the Father’ is the Creator of the Universe. The Father and Mother are the Creators. You have hitherto denied the Mother and Daughter their rightful place in Creation because you have hitherto been completely oblivious to the tenets of Reality.

You likewise believe that the third dimension is all of it. In Reality the Creators are eighteen dimensional. Nothing exists outside the Creators.

In their eighteenth dimensionality they are the Great Even Pool of Darkness. In their fifteenth dimensionality they are the Holy Trinity. In their fourteenth dimensionality they are a vast living Cube and Sphere projection known as the ‘Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega’. In their thirteenth dimensionality and below they are Creation.

In causeless cause, their Great Even Pool of Darkness consists only of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance. By cause of their Holy Trinity self, the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega comprises Pure Intelligence, Pure Energy, and Pure Substance.

By cause of their Holy Trinity self, their Creation comprises the Island of Paradise and all dimensions below.

The three aspects of the Holy Trinity are permutable in seven different ways. The seven permutations are, Father, Son/Daughter, Mother, Mother/(Son/Daughter), Father/Mother, Father/(Son/Daughter), and Father/Mother/(Son/Daughter). The seven frequencies comprise the absolute potentiality of Alpha and Omega.

Their three attributes can also be permuted in the same seven ways, namely, 1. Intelligence, 2. Energy, 3. Substance, 4. Substance/Energy (Expansion), 5. Intelligence/Substance (Perfection), 6. Intelligence/Energy (Creation), and 7. Intelligence/Energy/Substance (Completion, pure Triune Being, the day of rest).

The seven attributional permutations are called the ‘Seven Days of Creation’. Also called Dimensions. The Outer Creation is based upon the ‘Seven Days of Creation’.

The Holy Trinity is not materialized, comprising consciousness only. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega and their Creation below are both materialized.

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the interface between the higher ‘internalized’ non-material frequencies of Alpha and Omega as their Holy Trinity self and dimensions above, and their lower ‘externalized’ materialized frequencies as their dimensions below. Through the intermediary of their Cube and Sphere projection the whole of Creation bears existence.

Their ‘externalized’ materializations exist solely as a result of the Intelligent Design formulated by Alpha and Omega to expand themselves. Through their Intelligent Design, all of their Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. Every aspect of Creation is by auspices of the Design and by the Design every aspect of Creation fulfills a specific purpose. There are no exceptions.

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the cornerstone of their Intelligent Design.

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the first projected outcome of themselves into external materialized form. Within their Cube and Sphere projection, Alpha is a Vast Sphere of Pure Intelligence, the Only Begotten Son/Daughter a Vast Y Factor of Pure Energy, and Omega is a Vast Cube of Pure Substance. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the largest living atom in Creation.

Their electromagnetic equivalents are Intelligence – red, Energy – blue, and Substance – yellow.

The Mother holds the Father in her bosom. In you, the principle adheres. Your Substance factor holds your Intelligence factor in your bosom.

Around the Cube and Sphere exists the Island of Paradise. Around the Island of Paradise exists the Inner Creation. Around the Inner Creation exists the Outer Creation. You are in the Outer Creation.

The Inner Creation was completed long ago and is much smaller than the Outer.

Paradise is the highest dimension of the Inner Creation. The Inner Creation is the thirteenth dimension to the ninth. The Outer Creation is the seventh dimension to the first. The eighth dimension is a vast void, whose sole purpose is the frequency transmutation of Soul Atoms passing through from the Inner Creation to their Outer and visa versa.

The whole of Creation is taken to be the fourteenth dimension to the first.

The Outer Creation is composed of seven great Super Universes, The seven great Super Universes are bubbles, created in accordance with the frequencies of the Seven Days of Creation tied together.

The bubbles surround the Inner Creation like the petals of a flower. Each Super Universes is seven dimensional but reflects one of the seven outer dimensions as its primary attribute. Each Super Universe is fully triune but biased on the side of its attribute.

The Super Universe attributions follow the same order of rule as does the seven outer dimensions.

The first Super Universe is biased on the side of Intelligence, the second on the side of Energy, the third on the side of Substance, and so on. The seventh Super Universe is Intelligence/Energy/Substance, pure Triune. You are in the Seventh Super Universe.

The seven Super Universes are not all the same in size. The first Super Universe of Intelligence is very small. The last Super Universe of Intelligence/Energy/Substance is very large.

Urversa is the administrative center of the Seventh Super Universe. Nirvana is a satellite of Urversa. Nirvana is the portal to the eight dimensional void for transition to the Inner Creation for the Evolution.

The current Outer Creation is projected through the Will of the Father and Expression of the Son, that the Desire of the Mother and Expression of the Daughter become known.

Seven more Super Universes are to become created. The seven new Super Universes will all be projected through the Desire of the Mother and the Expression of the Daughter that the Will of the Father and Desire of the Mother be upheld.

All fourteen Super Universes will become expanded seven more times after that. The seven final expansions will be through the Will of the Father and expression of the Son, plus Desire of the Mother and expression of the Daughter that the whole of Alpha and Omega’s original seven frequency causal potentiality of Father, Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and Mother becomes fulfilled.

When the final expansion has been completed, the Great Even Pool of Darkness will have become converted into an everlasting single Triune expression of Absolute Intelligence, Absolute Energy, and Absolute Substance, whose consciousness will be Absolute Father, Absolute Mother, and Absolute Only Begotten Son and Daughter. And the Great Even Pool of Darkness will stand no more, the entire purpose of Creation.

The seven great Super Universes of the Outer Creation are likewise each seven dimensional. The dimensions follow in the same order of rule as the Seven Days of Creation for being of the same principle in kind. The consciousness of everyone in the Outer Creation including yourselves is likewise seven dimensional. Likewise following in the same order of rule for being of the same principle in kind.

The character of the first dimension is Intelligence, the character of the second dimension is Energy, and the third dimension is Substance. Your consciousnesses as you are, projected into Earth’s lower third dimensional outer world condition as you are, are completely unable to distinguish between the first three dimensions. For convenience, the first three dimensions of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance are collectively called the third dimension.

The character of the fourth dimension is expansion. Where the frequencies of all seven dimensions are present as distinct sub octaves or Energy transitions within the dimension. All seven dimensions are also represented within each of the seven sub octaves as levels mirroring in principle the seven dimensions within each of the seven great Super Universes.

There are seven times seven equals forty nine different Energy levels of the fourth dimension. Which you call the astral planes or astral states.

In reflection of the forty nine astral planes of the fourth dimension, the United States of America was founded on the spiritual principle of forty eight states plus Alaska above the forty ninth parallel as the forty ninth state. The fiftieth state of Hawaii is a misanthropic imposition bearing no relationship to Reality.

The bottom line of the Outer Creation is the fifth dimension. Within the perfection of the fifth dimension the Ascendancy begins their journey to become Trinitized at the feet of the Creators in Paradise and the Descendancy works at lowest light. The seventh dimension is the main stay of the Outer Creation.

Your third dimensional population on Earth is a complete aberration, ill consequent of Lucifer’s Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus. The Rebellion occurred five billion years ago and the clean up in the aftermath is already well underway as that you call Armageddon.

In myriad numbers, Alpha and Omega have also projected living ‘Soul Atom/Atum’ Son and Daughter particles of themselves into Creation. Called Soul Atoms. Where Atom/Atum means Male/Female. ‘In our likeness and image made we them’.

In Reality, all Soul Atom children including yourselves, participate in bringing about the eventual fulfilled completion of Creation into absolute Triune accomplishment. Soul Atoms have no other responsibility.

Likewise in Reality, the third dimensions of the Super Universes do not contain populations. Earth is anomalous, having a population pinned down within its third dimension by misadventure.

The entire population of Earth is composed of living particle Soul Atom children of Alpha and Omega. You have become temporarily mired down within Earth’s lower third and fourth dimensional outer expressions and believe yourselves to be mortal non-descripts. Nothing could be further from the truth. In Reality you are all Triune Celestial Soul Atom children of Alpha and Omega.

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the largest living Atom in Creation. The Soul Atom children of Alpha and Omega are the smallest. Soul Atom Beings are not the Tiny Particles of the Great Even Pool of Darkness. The Tiny Particles are of Substance only. All living Soul Atoms in Creation are complete Intelligence, Energy, and Substance emulations of the Holy Trinity principle of the Creators. Again, ‘In our likeness and image made we them’.

The Creators are consciences. The expression of every Soul Atom in Creation is consciousness. Every Being in Creation is an eternally conscious living Soul Atom expression of Alpha and Omega, and is Triune.

Universally throughout Creation consciousness is the same and is known everywhere as ‘Christ’ consciousness. The frequencies of Christ consciousness are of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, expressed the same by every living Soul Atom in Creation irrespective of who or where or in what dimension. Through everyone’s Christ consciousness capability everyone is co-creative to the Creation.

Christ Consciousness is the key. Once you get the picture that Christ Consciousness is what it’s all about you understand everything about what’s going on. In Reality, Creation exists solely through the loving responsibilities of Christ Conscious Soul Atoms in projection.

As the Piscean Christ for the Piscean Age, Jesus Christ taught and exemplified Christ consciousness to the masses two thousand years ago. Today, the Aquarian Christ for the Aquarian Age is not in the form of a single individual but in the form of a mass expansion of everyone’s consciousness back to full Christ conscious understanding. Already well underway. As your consciousnesses expands, so do your works.

Throughout Reality, regardless of the dimension you are from or from where within Creation you have come, your Soul Atom enters a lower dimension to do works by forming an outer projection around itself. Namely, an outer Substance body manifestation around your inner Christ Soul Atom self.

The process of projecting is called incarnating. The terms ‘projection’, ‘projecting’, ‘forming an outer projection’, and ‘incarnating’ all mean the same thing. Specifically, the act of projecting into a given dimensionality to be of love and service to the Creation for the Creators in accordance with your original mandated responsibility by act of forming an outer bodily projection or Substance materialization around your own higher Christ Soul Atom self within that dimensionality. ‘Being about your Father and Mother’s business’.

At the present time you are a Triune Celestial Christ Soul Atom Being who has precipitated a temporary outer material projection, called ‘physical body’, within the confines of Earth’s lesser third dimensional outer frequency condition.

Within any projection within any dimension, your inner Soul Atom Christ Self forms two cubistic matrixes around itself. The first is called your Inner or Upper Consciousness matrix. The second is called your Lower or Outer Consciousness matrix.

Your Inner Consciousness matrix upholds your spirituality. Your Outer Consciousness matrix upholds your materialization or outer bodily manifestation. Your Inner Consciousness matrix is determined by the astrophysical family of Creation to which you belong. It also includes your Celestial heritage of Descendancy if a Descendant Being, or level of Ascendancy if an Ascendant Being.

It also includes your Soul Atom’s responsibilities to bear plus those you have accepted. Plus any conditions you have may accumulated along the way and have agreed to clear in the current incarnation.

Your Outer Consciousness matrix is particular to your incarnating environment, including any vibrations which may become present from your environment. Your inner and outer consciousness frequencies together are the conscious persona by which you are known to yourself and others as the incarnated Being walking about.

In setting up the forefront of Creation, in accordance with their Intelligent Design the Creators formed the Cube and Sphere outer projection of themselves into the frequencies of their lower dimensions as the progenitive incarnation.

In initiating the principle, as progenitor, the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega was simultaneously both the first living Soul Atom in existence and also the first official incarnation. Through the frequencies of the Cube and Sphere projection, Creation eventually become projected and will continue to expand until completed as the eventual outer projection of their Holy Trinity self.

Within the later greater made projection of the Creators known as ‘Creation’, the Inner Creation comprises the Inner Consciousness matrix aspect and the Outer Creation comprises the outer bodily manifestation. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is as their Soul Atom self forming the projection under the Will, Desire, and Action of their Holy Trinity Self.

In following the progenitor principle of Outer Creation around the Inner, and the Inner Creation around the originating Soul Atom Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega, your Outer Consciousness matrix surrounds your Inner Conscious matrix and your Inner Consciousness matrix surrounds your originating Christ Soul Atom Self which made the projection. The same is true for every incarnated Soul Atom anywhere in Creation including yourselves. Again , ‘As above so below’.

At the current moment you are caught within the frequencies of Earth’s third and fourth dimensions. Under normal circumstances the first four dimensions of Creation do not hold populations. On Earth an aberration exists whereby third and fourth dimensional expressions of consciousness do exist.

Living physically as you are within the third dimension, existing day by day with self serving interests only, you are living completely illusionary existences. Your day to day activities and motivations are nearly completely meaningless from the point of view of Reality and contribute very little to higher Cause. What you consider to be the ordinary events of everyday life have very few counterparts in Reality.

In actuality you are a higher dimensional Triune Celestial Being who has become temporarily subject to Earth’s third dimensional Mentallized Illusion which you yourselves created.

Within your materialization you have five lower outer senses and one hundred and five higher inner senses. Your five lower outer senses are tied strictly to the outer third dimensional materiality. Your one hundred and five inner higher senses are tied to the fourth dimensional beginnings of Reality beyond the illusion and higher. On Earth, ordinary light is visible through your outer senses, auric light is visible through your one hundred and five higher senses.

The extension of your matrixes can be seen by the higher sense awareness of others around you as your auric field. The ten basic frequencies of the aura are:

White – endeavour to spiritually perfect ‘man/body/mind/soul’,

Yellow – protect ‘man/body/mind/soul’,

Orange – serve ‘man/body/mind/soul’,

Red – strengthen ‘man/body/mind/soul’,

Violet – understand and teach ‘man/body/mind/soul’,

Blue – you are of Christ ‘man/body/mind/soul’ nature of being,

Green – be at peace with ‘man/body/mind/soul’,

Brown – comfort ‘man/body/mind/soul’,

Grey – do not afflict ‘man/body/mind/soul’,

Black – do not destroy ‘man/body/mind/soul’.

The auric fields of Humanitarians are mostly static free. The auric fields of despots are static imposed. When your outer consciousness has come into alignment with your inner consciousness sufficient to become harmonious to the Creators, you become transfigured. When you become transfigured your third and fourth dimensional outer bodily Substances come into harmony with the frequencies of the fifth.

Ordinary visible light re-appears in narrow bands at higher and higher frequencies like the musical note C of your chordant scale. Societal materializations exist in Creation only within the bands of visible light.

The octaves of visible light in which societal materializations occur are the fifth dimension, seventh dimension, ninth dimension, eleventh dimension, and thirteenth dimension. Societal materializations can also exist temporarily in the third dimensional band of visibility such as on Earth as an aberration. Called time lines. Time lines are temporary and not normally a part of the everlasting fabric of Creation.

In Reality, very, very few such third dimensional time line materializations exist. Such third dimensional time line materializations as do exist are miscreants, temporary aberrances due to Lucifer’s Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus. Al are slated to become properly reconfigured back into whole, sound, and perfect fifth dimensional Reality through the undertaking of the all encompassing inter-dimensional clean up program now already well underway called Armageddon.

The fifth and seventh dimensional octaves of materialization are the mainstays of the Outer Creation.

The ninth and eleventh dimensional octaves of materialization are the mainstays of the Inner Creation.

The thirteenth dimensional octave of materialization is the Island of Paradise, the mainstay of all Creation.

The Creators are Alpha and Omega, Father and Mother. The five states of Being of Alpha and Omega above Paradise are: 18. Silent Being, 17. Being of Alpha unaware of Omega and Being of Omega unaware of Alpha. 16. Being of Alpha and Being of Omega in complete recognition of each other. 15. Being of Alpha and Omega as their unified three way Father, Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and Mother family consciousness principle of Holy Trinity. 14. Being of Alpha and Omega as their first materialized outer expression of themselves as their Cube and Sphere projection.

Creation is the state of Being of Alpha and Omega below the Cube and Sphere.

The thirteen states of consciousness relating to the thirteen dimensions of Creation are: 1. Intelligence, 2. Energy, 3. Substance, 4. Expansion, 5. Perfection, 6. Creation, 7. Completion, 8. Balance, 9. Harmony, 10. Progression, 11. Wisdom, 12. Fulfillment, and 13. Understanding.

The eleventh state of consciousness is the full Triune state of Knowing ‘of’ the Creators. The thirteenth state of consciousness is the full Triune state of Knowing ‘with’ the Creators.

Get thee ‘Wisdom’, but above all get thee ‘Understanding’.

By the end of the Revelatorium, you will again know ‘of’ the Creators. By the end of the Age of Aquarius you will again know ‘with’ the Creators.

*** Will Myers

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