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God’s Involvement With Science

By Will Myers Firstly, I must give honor to God, our Creator, by acknowledging that God created science in the most general sense. Our relationship with God is material based with inspirational words intervening in our lives as in the … Continue reading

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Five Ways Christianity Is Reasonable

August 29th, 2017 By Kenneth R. Samples Is the Christian faith a reasonable religion? Some believers throughout church history have agreed with many nonbelievers in proclaiming that Christianity is not a reasonable religion. Nevertheless, a powerful theological-philosophical consensus within the history of … Continue reading

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Too Little Knowledge or Infinite Potential for Discovery?

August 31st, 2017 By Dr. Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts How much does any one of us know? Even the brightest, like a Hawking, an Einstein, or a Ross only knows a fraction of what can be known. Do we corporately even … Continue reading

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