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Bringing Hope to the COVID–19 Days Ahead

BY ANJEANETTE ROBERTS – APRIL 9, 2020 With everyone’s life disrupted, I find I am having many conversations with worried colleagues, friends, and family. One friend even got me to do a video interview with her to share with her coworkers and … Continue reading

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What Happens to Those Who Never Hear the Gospel?

BY KENNETH R. SAMPLES – JUNE 9, 2020 What happens to people who never hear the gospel message about Jesus Christ? This vexing question has challenged Christians for centuries, but recently a skeptic raised this inquiry with me. After all, if … Continue reading

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God, Constitution And Us

By Will Myers The Founding Fathers who etched out our Constitution were not only concerned about defending the nation against oppressive powers who might take control of our government but were concerned about individual rights which have continued to be … Continue reading

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The Argument from Beauty: Can Evolution Explain Our Aesthetic Sense?

BY FAZALE RANA – MAY 13, 2020 Lately, I find myself spending more time in front of the TV than I normally would, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. I‘m not sure investing more time watching TV is a good thing, but it … Continue reading

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Are We All God’s Children?

BY KRISTA BONTRAGER – MAY 22, 2020 By Krista Bontrager   I frequently see comments on social media claiming, “We are all God’s children.” Generally, people intend this sentiment to mean that God has the same relationship with every human equally. … Continue reading

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