Matter Which is Storaged Energy Displays Intelligence

Two researchers have demonstrated that DNA harbors information in both digital and analog formats. These two types of information appear to be coupled intrinsically through DNA nucleotide sequences to form an irreducibly complex system. This new insight reveals the elegant sophistication of genomes and advances the case for intelligent design by highlighting the remarkable analogy between the structure and operation of biochemical information systems and the information systems produced by human designers (FR,TBN).

Now, lets take a look at the concepts behind all information systems. In Platonic realism, universals do not exist in the way that ordinary physical objects exist, even though Plato metaphorically referred to such objects to explain his concepts. More modern versions of the theory seek to avoid applying potentially misleading descriptions to universals. Instead, such versions maintain that it is meaningless (or a category mistake) to apply the categories of space and time to universals.

Regardless of their description, Platonic realism holds that universals do exist in a broad, abstract sense, although not at any spatial or temporal distance from people’s bodies. Thus, people cannot see or otherwise come into sensory contact with universals, but in order to conceive of universals, one must be able to conceive of these abstract forms.

Theories of universals

Theories of universals, including Platonic realism, are challenged to satisfy certain constraints on theories of universals.

Platonic realism strongly satisfies one of those constraints, in that it is a theory of what general terms refer to. Forms are ideal in supplying meaning to referents for general terms. That is, to understand terms such as applehood and redness, Platonic realism says that they refer to forms. Indeed, Platonism gets much of its plausibility because mentioning redness, for example, seems[citation needed] to be referring to something that is apart from space and time, but which has lots of specific instances.

Some contemporary linguistic philosophers construe “Platonism” to mean the proposition that universals exist independently of particulars (a universal is anything that can be predicated of a particular). Similarly, a form of modern Platonism is found in the predominant philosophy of mathematics, especially about the foundations of mathematics. The Platonic interpretation of this philosophy includes the thesis that mathematics is not created but discovered.

The above discourse was to say that form consisting of matter is displaying intelligence. The behavior of one or two particles are referring to a universal which is nearer  to reality or just plain reality itself such as God. Romans 1:20; “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:” Energy is storage in matter in various ways which under certain conditions releases some energy or accrues some mass (strange particles) inwhich all has been before determined by first cause Intelligencia who I call God. The real dynamics of mass-energy ascends unto the mind of God Who made all for His Son, Jesus Who has His mind. As stated in my previous article: Jesus(Uspace)=Jesus(Vspace).

Human genomes are a very complex system which determines our construct and being. It would be nonsense to think that random activity over eons of time could produce intelligence from nothing. It makes all the sense in the world to think that intelligence produced existing forms. Mental forms, ideas, also must come from a profound first Intelligencia. This brings us to Genesis; paraphrasing, “In the beginning God created heaven and earth and His Son was with Him, and it was for His Son…by His Son.”

*** Will Myers

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