In The Fallen World Bad Things Happen To Good People

FALLEN WORLD: this answers the question of why do bad things happen to good people. The world is so noisy that we can not hear God most of the time. God is continuously warning of danger and directing our path in each person’s spirit.

God knows everything from beginning to end in one instant. We live our lives so that we experience and learn what God desires we know. God could have created all of us as robots who questions nothing, but we would not have learned about God our Creator; we would have not learned that we must absolutely obey God, our Heavenly Father. For disobedience separated us from God which lead us unto the curse of death. Regardless of how good is your bible toting Grandma, we all are under the curse of death; can not hear God over the noisy world, and have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Your Granny is at the top of being good relative to social norms, but we all are in the same boat; thereby, bad things happens to good people. After all, the Son of God was crucified in this world, and this was very bad.

God appears cruel at times, but God doesn’t want anyone to miss out on the glory that He has waiting for those who love and obey Him. The hardship that we experience is small in comparison to the unimaginable gifts awaiting each of us. Receiving Eternal Life is only the beginning of God’s Glorious Life. No one can match God’s gifts.

We are learning to resist the temptations of the devil as Jesus did so that we won’t repeat what Adam and Eve did.

*** Will Myers
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About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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