The Ferguson prosecutor’s presentation of the Micheal Brown’s case stinks to high heaven; it’s unbelievable in view of the witnesses first interviewed by the media. The witnesses who stated that Micheal’s hands were up when Officer Wilson continued to fire his weapon sounded very credible.  Two white contractors observed the event simultaneously, and reacted impulsively and geniously on video gesturing that Micheal had his hands up when shot by the officer. That Ferguson prosecutor fell into the mud when referring to the white contractor, and came out of the mud only when having another thought. He never clearly spoke about the white contractor. This shows that the prosecutor had something to hide.

Had the white contractor been threatened to not testify that Micheal had has hands up when shot? I am sure that the Federal Justice Duties shall get to the bottom of this matter.

Everyone accepts the fact that Micheal ran from the officer a distance of over 30 feet, maybe 60. The forensics report found that Micheal was shot from the front. That Ferguson prosecutor stated that Micheal had turned around and was charging the officer while the officer continued to fire while continuing to hit Micheal. This will never make sense to me. No one stops running away from a person who is shooting at them than do an insane act of stopping, turning around, and begin charging the person who is firing their weapon at them. Some idiots are saying that marijuana caused Micheal to charge the Officer. Marijuana is a passive drug with a low energy affect. Cocaine is an aggressive drug with a high energy affect. There is no record of anyone on cocaine who ran from a person firing a gun at them, stopping, turning around, and began to charge the person firing the weapon while being hit by bullets.

In view of many genuine witnesses interviewed by the media very shortly after the event occurred, it becomes apparent to me that each witness was very accurate. Some witnesses observed when Micheal raised his hands and shouted don’t shoot. Others witnessed Micheal when he reach down in reaction to being hit by bullets after he having  his hands up. This is a natural reaction. But, the officer continued his deadly shooting. Micheal began to stumble forward trying to not fall. This is natural; people don’t die quickly as shown in movies. It is natural for a person to extend their hands straight forward when falling in order to blunt the fall. At this time, while Micheal was stumbling forward with his head down and hands extended forward to blunt his anticipated fall officer Wilson shot him in the top of his head. The only conclusion that supports all witnesses is that after Micheal raised his hands and shouted don’t shoot he was shot multiple times, reacted to being hit by several bullets by lowing his hands to pamper his wounds; began to lose conscience and muscular coordination, and began a forward death stumble. Micheal is 6 foot 4 inches, and would have covered many feet on his forward death stumble with his hands extended straight in front of his body. Micheal never intended to charge the officer, only was trying to pamper his immediate wounds and remain standing. When he was unable to stand he extended his hands to cushion his fall which is very natural while stumbling forward and unfortunately toward the officer.

The only true conclusion is that the officer executed Micheal Brown. That Ferguson prosecuted stated that all witnesses changed their testimony. This is bullshit! U.S. Justice Dept. must get to the bottom of this matter. Those witnesses testifying that Brown hand his hands up when interviewed by the media before Ferguson prosecutor got to them later sounded too genuine and honest, and they were in the moment. The white contractor jested as an immediate reaction to Micheal being executed with his hands up, and it was a very genuine jester. Very possibly, the white contracted who had no vested interest in the community has had his livelihood threatened if he would  testify to the truth.

Final conclusion is that Officer Wilson caused Micheal Brown’s death stumble by continuing to fire his weapon when Micheal had his hands up and hitting him with bullets. Micheal naturally grabbed the spot when he was stunned by a bullet and leaned forward thereby causing the forward death stumble. Officer D. Wilson executed Micheal Brown out of uncontrollable anger.

*** Will Myers

About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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