Prison Overpopulation Caused By What Is Illegal And Outrageous Sentencing

Long term sentencing is not working, folks! Prisons has an over population, costing the taxpayers an enormous amount of money without solving the problem of the drug crimes. The cost is taking money from the needed cash for our infrastructure in America; bridges and highways. Rest assure, most all of the criminal acts are caused by the illegality of  the drug and not the use of the drug as was the case of alcohol when it was illegal liken unto Al Capone!

Many drugs should be decriminalized such as marijuana. The farcical attack on prescription pain pills is only hurting the innocent in order to make some administrators look good to the public, and distract from the real problem of heroin. Alcoholic caused deaths are much higher than those of pain pills. Too many of the top 10% rich people want alcohol at their meetings and cocktail affairs to challenge the use of alcohol. Hypocrisy! Marijuana is much less harmful than alcohol; cocaine has much less adverse side effects than alcohol. We are given lies on top of lies by the government. I see the need for lying about UFO’s and alien bodies, but marijuana!? Pain pills??!! It’s maddening just to think about it. Lies are so big until lies about the fly make it larger than the elephant.

Drugs are made illegal because of their destructive nature to our society, but if scrutinized more closely at present the policing of drugs have become more destructive to our society than what the free use of the drug could ever do. The government has exaggerated the negative effects of most drugs, making the fly to appear larger than the elephant, until when we hear the word marijuana a large blinding blanket immediately drops, and we only see “marijuana is bad!” when in essence alcohol is worst than marijuana. Recently Tramadol which is not as effective as aspirin has been determined to be in the same class as cocaine.  The government has gotten away with misrepresentations for so long until we are now told things that is ludicrous. Of course, police and the justice system has to destroy families about something no stronger than an aspirin!

Instituting drug laws are based mainly on one operative phrase; “it is killing our kids.” Alcohol has always killed our kids; more so than Estacy or any other drug; although, we are complacent with the control and social tolerant of alcohol. If drunk in public it is not tolerated; if drunk on the job it is not tolerated; if excessively drunk at the family home it is not tolerated. All drugs should be controlled in the same manner in order to stop the destructive policing of so-called illegal drugs. It is not even fair to the police officers.

No one should serve over 10 years for any drug offence if it is an offence.  Drug offence sentences should never exceed the sentence for murder. When it does, our value system begin to go-to-shit as it has already. Our justice system has become a piece of shit due to illegal drug laws; defendants getting life without parole for having marijuana residue! Rich persons getting away with murder alone with many other illogical, outrageous sentencing. Our justice system is as ragged as a barrel of sour kraut.

I am not pro drugs; I am pro truth, justice and fairness. We already have an enormous drug problem; it is here and has been here for a long time and it is not going away! I am for common sense and transparency and revealing of the truth, not exaggerations approaching misrepresentation which makes the fly appear to be larger than the elephant.

Good people, there is more drugs in America than what it was around the 1900 when Congress moved to restrict many drugs such as Sears & Roebuck selling by mail order a pound of cocaine for a dollar. There is more drugs in America than 40 years ago when Reagan and Clinton signed into law long sentencing for drug offences. There is more drugs in America than what it was last year! Folks, tell me if the policing of illegal drugs is not as destructive as the free use of the so-called illegal drug? How about reviewing the drug laws; especially for marijuana and pain pills and the effects of long sentences for nonviolent drug offences which causes the overpopulation in America’s prisons. This is very costly to the taxpayers; good highways and safe bridges is far more beneficial to the taxpayers.

There is no secret effective plan to rid America of drugs except the establishing of a police state run by big brother who rescinds our freedoms and liberties. Otherwise, drugs are here to stay because police are only hitting soft targets, the nickel and dime operations, and not the hard targets, the rich who lives among the governors and mayors, because if a raid doesn’t come up with the drugs than mostlikely the Police Chief is going to be replaced. This mean that the international warehouse for drugs shall always be in operation. Go figure!!!

“Emotions of fear is the tool of tyrants.” I am emotional about the truth.

*** Will Myers

About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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