Out Of The Box Thinking; Science Is King?


By Will Myers

Science is now the truth foundation of the Secular Humanist. The scientific method is taught to our youths in public schools as being the only acceptable truth (Although they teach Greek Mysticism). It’s fine to say that the scientific method leads to truths in our physical world but to go as far to say that it dismisses the bible, God, and Jesus Christ is quite questionable. Science is seeking reality; God is the reality. Science is seeking the nature of the universe and all that exist within; God created all that exist. Ecclesiastes 3:15, (KJV); “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.” Scientists are still seeking “…that which is past…” of God’s creation. 

Ecclesiastes 3:15 clearly states that God has already created everything in existence and that God created time and controls time. Time comes from the dynamics of the universe that God created in one big bang and gave it His supreme program for all things in existence. Time is based on the perfect order of the universe created by God. 

After much research, I came to the conclusion that the reason that the Secular Humanist has made giant advances in our country is that our god is too small. We are worshipping the right God, but we are making Him fit into our limitations. We say that God is all-knowing, present everywhere, and all powerful in the infinite sense without any limits, but we think and act as if He is much limited. As the results, Atheist ask questions such as if God creates a rock that is immovable and if God is all powerful can He lift the rock. Our youth falls for it for the lack of the fullness knowledge of God. Firstly, God is not stupid. God has a purpose for each of us. But, getting back to the immovable rock; since God is omniscient the rock is immoveable until God decides to lift it. Can God create a stick with only one end? Yes, if He so desires, but God honors our physical laws for our sake.

We live in a discipline created by God. We learn of God and I call it a Toyspace (Some Intellectuals call it a “playpin”), an existence that teaches us of God’s nature. God is constantly imposing on man, and man constantly imposes on God from which we constantly are taught.

The Secular Humanist has misled us by claiming science as their forum that provides their truths. On the contrary, God is the sponsor of truth by creating all that exist and giving the perfect order to the universe. Scientists merely endeavor to discover the perfect order that God created.

For my believing youth, stand on the scriptures of the bible. They have wisdom far beyond the secular mind. Faith makes the Word of God operate for you. Just hold to them as your truth and within time, God shall reveal why the scripture(s) are the truth. In the end, after all have been said and done, true believers in the Son of God, Jesus, shall walk away with everything.



About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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