America’s Secret Super-Government

By Will Myers

America is controlled by an oligarchy, a small collection of powerful special interests who own the oil corporations and the most powerful banks. I was surprised to learn that our federal reserve bank is actually own by a private small group of persons. This alone gives the oligarchy the power to create financial depressions. We don’t live in a liberal free democracy; we serve the oligarchy, controllers of Americans.The oligarchy effects us daily more than all of the governments in America due to Special Interest Groups ( SIG of Ephesian 6:12) that target private citizens. If Marshall law was imposed on all citizens because of protests against the oligarchy then all rights of the citizenship shall be reduced to that of living in a dictatorship. The oligarchy is more survivable than the USA Federal Government.

The super-government in America creates imagery thru the media, politicians, workplace, and word of mouth making people believe that they are governing instead of the oligarchy.

The oligarchy has surrogates:

(1) USA Brain Trust works for the oligarchy . When the Brain Trust works includes benefits for the common folks, it is secondary and the oligarchy is the prime benefactors.

(2) Republicans serve big business’s agenda. During the past 60 years the Republicans as the party of Lincoln, the helper of oppressed people, has morphed from a St. Bernard rescue dog to a snake in the grass.

(3) SIG of Eph 6:12 invades the privacy of private citizens; Special Interest Groups (SIG) who target private citizens, while stealing civil rights and undermining our free liberal democracy, is presented falsely as being in the name of the people.

The oligarchy dictates when there is to be a depression or a recession or a collapse of the stock market. Working people’s 401K losses as dictated by the oligarchy who owns the Federal Reserve Bank, J. P. Morgan, Chase…controls the energy sources…oil and electrical powers plus many others. Greed of big business will always cheat the small investors. Workers who lose their job caused by the financial crises which were caused by the oligarchy are forced to sell low. Stocks of the small investors are marginalized.

All financial crises are caused by the oligarchy. Just think, when there is a financial crisis no money has left earth nor any material resources. Virtually, the same amount of beef is in the fields when the stock market crashes; virtually, the same amount of oil is in the earth and warehouses, but the oligarchy calculatedly has hoarded everything causing a depression making hard money. The oligarchy who has control of the currency becomes even more powerful due to increased value of the dollar. What the Republicans does is move money up the ladder to the oligarchy who are in the top 1% owning 99% of America’s wealth. Ironically, the oligarchy knows that Wall Street and large banks are creating a financial bubble. So, this one tenth of 1% directs a depression to occur. These persons should be indicted, but they are protected and if any attempt to prosecute them, the oligarchy shall destroy them.

The resolve to the manipulation by the oligarchy is a strong faith in God and a very strong labor union; thereby, restricting the flexibility of the super-powers. There is an earthly reason that religion and labor unions have been under attack the past 30 years. The labor unions have almost been destroyed by the super-powers in the name of the people while ripping off the people. We live in a false truth system that marginalizes the people and severely restricts the people from reaching their dreams. The oligarchy wants to remain our little gods. In the real truth system, the people are supposed to rule the nation. Their needs should have top priority, not the oligarchy.

Caveat***  Bernie Sanders has the platform for the middle class and workers of the lower-income ( Free education, universal health care, and a livable wage). ***Hint: all things that benefit the people are usually opposed by the Republicans. Their response to such accusation is usually a smoke stream or an appeal to fears and emotions. The foundation of all Republican propaganda is “everyone act nice people so that we can keep our profits plus achieve our increased  projected profits.” The concept is pacification of the people while maintaining the status quo to ensure entrenched profits.

About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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