By Will Myers

Our spirit is our life. Our soul is the center of our emotions. Our emotions, of course, are based on our life support which is material. The question arises of how does or why does one have self-awareness? One answer is that our Creator didn’t intend to create more robots. Obviously, our Creator made mankind to be independent with the ability to love by self-choice. By being independent, this would mean that man would face outer darkness…nothingness…nothing; the liquidation of the man’s mind and body. So, our existence has a condition; that is to love God in return. The independence just so happens to be the choice between self-destruction or life from God. Lump it or chunk it, this is where we are in this universe; this existence. I choose life.

Our One God has given life to a man, Adam, by breathing life into the matter; later, God created a woman from the body of the man, Adam. Scientist and philosophers have been working for centuries to find a more definitive answer to the previous suppositions, and have not. Not saying that continuing investigation should not continue. I have a B.S. in physics with a departmental specialty in electrodynamics, and I am quite comfortable with life being created by a superior being. My thoughts were solidified by the factor of self-awareness. I believe that only an Eternal Being can create a being that has self-awareness.

I am sure that scientist shall manipulate the human spirits of the future through genetic applications and by foundation training (SIG social machinery) upon the arrival of the soul. Our social machinery shall develop into a state that constantly monitors an individual and distributes information directed at the targeted individual on a daily basis (Privacy being a thing of the past).  The social machinery is special interest groups (SIG) that constantly collect information and distribute information with psychic profiles about each private citizen.

The social machinery exists at present; what’s remaining is the problem of the orchestration of information directed upon an individual. This is the state of man in America and the world to come. Our social interactions shall be altered, trending toward a hierarchy based on knowledge about the targeted individual. It is a very different thing between the government having stats, and distributing general info to a group and targeting each soul; up close and personal.

If and when SIG approaches it’s ideal state what kind of government would we live in? I label it as hyper-communism where, ideally, the government owns the minds of the citizens. Of course, this shall become reality only in a practical sense. But, coercive forces, intimidation, isolation, and destruction of livelihood is possible at present.

I am going to share something very intimate for the sake of Christ: in Los Angeles, California. For over a year, the Cashiers who were total strangers (Different cashiers, different stores) stopped the line, and we all had to wait for something to be negotiated. Believe it or not, this happened every time without a break. Of course, the Cashiers’ eyes did fix on me just before stopping the line. It was obvious; I was targeted. These bizarre actions were in association with many other unusual actions. Shit! This might give one an idea how powerful this SIG snake organization is…huge Los Angeles…knowing the place and time and Cashier at the register…public scrutiny is destructive to one’s happiness and fulfillment of life. F…!!! SIG is is an enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

Of the thousands of examples that  I could give, I am going to give only one more: for decades, SIG who is the snake organization has caused a spoiler to present itself into any and all thoughts or actions that could make me happy; most being very sophisticated interference at anticipating my thoughts.

We shall soon become subjects to the government in very special ways. The government has a plan for each person. Each soul living in hyper-communism shall be aware of SIG who is definitely not God our Creator. Instead, we have SIG, the snake organization. Our existence has an enmity between God and self. We must be aware of these special interest groups that collect information and distribute it which target private citizens each soul at a time.


About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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