By Will Myers

The social machinery that exist is mind blogging and shocking in some instances. What ‘s being developed in the labs include mind readers from a distance. The special interest groups (SIG) who monitor private citizens and places adversities into the private citizens life has been growing rapidly for the past 20 years since 9-11 due to the fact that Bush signed authorization to surveillance domestic America. The government now listens to our telephone conversations and track our daily movement while special interest groups (SIG) goes farther with the placing of adversities into targeted private citizens for the purpose of controlling their thoughts and behavior.

The goal of hyper–communism is for the government to virtually own the minds of the citizens. The SIG snake organization is the operator who works to bring about and sustain hyper-communism. This is all under the umbrella of a coming One World Government. The subtle dynamics of these entities has taken giant steps during the past 20 years. Ed Snowden warned us that the collecting of data about each private citizen goes far beyond the posed purpose of catching and stopping terrorist; they are back-channeling all of the sensitive (sexuality) to SIG snake organizations.

Unfortunately, our health records with prognoses and credit records are back-channeled to SIG in order to have the person feel that the monster has moved into the mind of the targeted individual. Even, corporations who sell machines such as autos gives SIG their experiments that predict when the machine shall malfunction. Once again, SIG uses such information to move into the minds of the targeted individual. The government, corporations, and SIG all sleep together. They work together to undermine the minds of the private citizens with sophisticated intimidation.

Our Oligarch class finances SIG in order to have protection for their enormous wealth because a free democracy with enjoyable personal freedoms is a threat to their assets. As a matter of fact, SIG channels human permissiveness into the lives of others. The SIG snake organization pits us against each other in order to distract the working class from attacking the Oligarchy and taking their wealth. I am for the Oligarchs protecting their assets, but what is happening is SIG channeling rif-raf, deceit, and vandalism into the lives of targeted private citizens of the working class which is a burden placed on the back of an already heavily burdened people. The SIG snake organization causes suicides and mass killings due to them causing great mental oppression to the targeted individual.

The American citizen alone with all other people in the world must respect each other and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is a universal truth that would impede the operations of SIG because it needs for each of us to begin destroying our personal freedoms by becoming an opposition to other people as directed by SIG.

The SIG snake organization is collecting sensitive information about each citizen on the planet. The goal of those persons is to put your virtual-mind on computers as the SIG snake work to bring into fruition hyper-communism whereas each person on the planet thought processes can be controlled to a very accurate degree, liken unto herding cattle into corrals. The snake is now invading the sanctity of targeted private citizens. One’s sexuality (Life scientist are invading the inner sanctity of the mind) is mirrored from their active dossier. This has been causing suicides and mass killings by targeted persons. A passive dossier is one in whom data is being collected. An active dossier is one in whom data is being distributed in order to target a private citizen.

We are now in a struggle between Authoritarianism and Freedom loving people around the world who know how to keep it and those that appreciates the U.S. Constitution alone with religious freedoms. Our faith frames our worlds. Our Christian values are beacons of light for the respect for the individual. The SIG snake has been working to push religion out of America and all other countries because it wants to be our god. For the snake to be successful they must be able to have people disrespecting individuals. The group must be able to control the individual by immediately disenfranchising the individual.

The hyper-communist operates under the umbrella of a one world government. The individual rights and personal freedoms under the command of hyper-communism is very tentative and can be taken by the group at any time. The group is the same groups that picked on a kid on the elementary school yard; they just got bigger, and the hyper-communist allows them to continue picking on an individual, and negating the targeted person’s personal freedoms. The SIG organization encourages attacks upon the individual in order to instill fear and intimidation in order to control the private citizens thoughts. The hyper-communists shall extend all over the planet; establishing a One World Government. The freedom loving people must resist such government. Christianity and the U.S. Constitution must stand boldly and put us back on the path to more personal freedoms. A new world order at present is not on a path that is good for the common person, only good for the elitist.

About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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