How Did Adam and Eve Keep Warm During an Ice Age When They Were Naked?


Question of the week: How did Adam and Eve keep warm before the fall when they were still naked if God had created them during the last ice age?

My answer: Good question. Genesis 2 implies that God created Adam and Eve sometime during an ice age, most likely the last ice age. The reason why is that Genesis 2 describes four known rivers, the Euphrates, Tigris, Pishon, and Gihon, coming together in the Garden of Eden. Today, only two of those four rivers are flowing, but during an ice age all four would be steadily flowing rivers. The only location where the four rivers come together presently is more than 200 feet below sea level in the southeastern part of the Persian Gulf. During an ice age, however, the sea level was 200–390 feet lower. The location where the four rivers come together would have been above sea level.

The location of the Garden of Eden in the southeast part of what is now the Persian Gulf at an elevation more than 200 feet below the present sea level implies that it must have had a year-round warm climate in spite of the colder conditions farther north and at higher elevations. Adam and Eve would not need clothing to stay warm.

For a much more comprehensive and detailed answer, see my book Navigating Genesis, pages 95–108.1


Hugh Ross, Navigating Genesis (Covina, CA: RTB Press, 2014): 95–108,




Hugh Ross



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