By Will Myers

I had decided to stop harping on the orchestrations of special interest groups (SIG) who collect info on each private citizen, analyze the intimate info, and secretly distribute the info, targeting a private citizen(s) to their detriment even unto destroying their livelihood and raising the risk of losing their life from being targeted by SIG. I prematurely stopped harping on the fact that SIG is causing the phenomenon of mass killings; all except drug turf wars. It’s should be obvious that most of the mass killers are making a statement to the people that persons, strangers, friends, and alike, are invading his life and diminishing his self-worth, and causing humiliation and embarrassment. The snake organization (SIG) steals one’s joy and destroys the assessment by the targeted person’s first choice and even second choices that make them happy. All that the person likes or enjoys is tampered with and even destroyed. Why in the hell does any society tolerate such activity. SIG should not exist in a free society.

The person(s) that feel targeted should be encouraged to meet with concerned persons and organize to back-track unto the source of the collection and distribution of their sensitive info and decapitate the snakes in order to stop the mental anguish perpetrated upon targeted persons and to stop the ultimate destruction of our free society afforded by our U.S. Constitution. This should stop the mass killings. The snake organization (SIG) is the operative for hypercommunism whereas the government owns the virtual minds of the citizens that are mapped on computers. The right to be let alone becomes non-existent. The SIG snake organization is invading the inner sanctuary of each private citizen for big business and the government. SIG has gone from the psychological profiles of a group of people to anticipate the thoughts and movement of a targeted person.

 Yes, I believe that our nation is moving toward ruling, toward authoritarian rule as determined from our recent (in the age of our nation term) wiretapping of all private citizens and the actual targeting of certain private citizens to their detriment; liken unto public scrutiny which is always destructive to the targeted person. It’s special interest groups (SIG) moving into the average citizen’s arena because this is where the political power lye. Control the base of our economic structure politically; you have control of America. I believe that this shall be governed by hypercommunist who owns the virtual-minds of the populace.

There have been over 250 mass killings so far this year. I have rethought the stopping of my harping on the SIG snake criminal organization affects on our society. The SIG snake organization causes profusely the evil fruits of our human spirit to come out in a devastating means. The use of sensitive info being distributed targeting a private citizen is the cause of mass killings; a phenomenon that has begun recently in America relative to its age. This phenomenon has increased relative to the growth of the SIG snake in recent years.

The government and an estimate of 22 agencies are collecting sensitive and intimate info secretly about each private. This info is used to control the private citizen by intimidation and coercion to comply with the desires of SIG the snake. The invasion of the inner sanctuary of the mind perturbs the targeted individual while destroying his self-worth and self-esteem.; mostly stealing his joy and happiness without any relief in sight. It’s not a surprise that many offenders who assault the targeted person end up looking down the barrel of a gun. Do unto others what you want to be done unto yourself. Do NOT do unto others what you DON’T want to be done unto yourself.

The SIG snakes have pushed Christ Jesus out of public schools and workplaces in order to blind everyone to the truth. They are becoming our gods. The free, liberal democracy is very much threatened in America. Our free society is becoming poisoned by the snakes.

About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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  1. Will Myers says:

    Well, eventually I suspected censorship to appear. The truth about what happens to one or a few persons must be suppressed because the U.S. Constitution defines targeting a person by any person, group, or government as a criminal enterprise. The individual has the right to be let alone.


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