America Has A Hyper-communist Party: The Snakes Are Back

America is a country that developed socio-political with the individual being preserved by strong privacy rights and a guarantee of a free society without any social negativity or physical obstructions being placed by any person(s), group(s), or secret, shadow government. No deep state has the license to cause problems in the life of any citizen or interfere with the citizen’s personal relationship with God their Heavenly Father.

Our Constitution has an establishment clause that outlaws the government from making laws in regard to religious institutions (Most recently, the interpretation has been reversed to mean religious institutions can not interfere with government. Work of the snakes). This clause in our Constitution helps to preserve the right of the individual to worship God without interference from the secular world. This is freedom of worship which is different from freedom of religion which refers to the institution itself. This has operated as a buffer between organizations or government and the individual.

The special interest groups (SIG) who monitor private citizens and interject their poisonous adversities into the life of any targeted citizen have grown into power again after the un-American committee of the 50s cleaned house of the snakes of communism. They have overridden privacy rights and actively burden targeted citizens with devastating interference in the life of a targeted private citizen. We, now, have a Hyper-communist Party. Their social machinery respects no individual. After many individuals whose disrespect prompts a recourse for justice shall bring rebellion as always in the past. Democracy has stood for over 200 years due to its respect for our individual rights.

Now, people like Trump and his henchmen are working to turn our democracy into an autocratic government. The snakes have crawled back into our lives as hyper-communist. The hyperbole label has been added due to the astonishing increase of technological knowledge since the 50s. It is now easy to map an individual’s virtual mind onto a computer with the intent to control or greatly influence the thoughts and movements of an individual.

We do have a hyper-communist party that is working to kill our faith and subvert our constitution. There is an urgency that demands another house cleaning of the snakes in order to preserve our goal of a high-quality democracy and free society. We have lost our right to be let alone. We have lost our privacy rights. They are being stolen by the SIG snakes. Unbelievably, America now has an active spy institution (HSA) that spies on all private citizens alone with everyone else.

The Republicans who spoke out against Trump for promoting the 1/6 riots learned that Trump was more than a president, but a candidate of the SIG snakes (oligarchs’ favorite son) to be our autocratic leader. Considering this post, we must stop this hyper-communist social machinery.

Special interest groups (SIG) who monitor private individuals, and target private citizens with the capabilities to destroy an individual’s livelihood exist in the USA at present. The SIG snakes only have to increase the density and loyalty of common citizens that do their bidding; serve the snakes for benefits without giving a damn about our constitutional individual rights.

This is God’s universe, wherein grace prevails. We need to be receptive to both reason and revelation. It should not surprise us that people who are trying to make sense of this world are provided a map by the Maker of this world, who, by his grace, has visited this world in person.

Yes, God gave us the book of nature to show us who he is . . . to show us his role in our world and in our lives . . . to reveal his desire for a personal relationship with each of us; sharing the reality of science as it works in harmony with the reality of Scripture—revealing God as Creator and Jesus as Savior. If we lose our faith in God, then we shall lose our individual rights and our free society.

The Spirit of democracy goes beyond the institutions and apparatuses of democracy such as the voting machinery and the procedures and the Electoral College plus others. Democracy implies freedom of speech. The U.S. Constitution is our guarantee of the right to pursue the fulfillment of life free of any adversity orchestrated by any group or person. We now have hyper-communist snakes working to become our god, placing adversities in each citizen’s life in order to bring about total compliance.

We now have special interest groups (SIG) that monitor, collect info, and distribute info about the affairs of a private citizen(s). These special interest groups (SIG) have grown immensely with the advent of the computer. Another leap into our private lives is listening to our electronic conversations. Believe me, the gov’t is not only listening to the bad guys; they are back-dooring info to SIG who is a snake organization. Citizens must have their privacy and anonymity among the public in order that citizens remain free with liberties not suppressed by SIG. The high quality of democracy demand that the citizens have their privacy. We are secretly losing our privacy.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Trump is moving us away from true democracy. My observation and experiences lead me to believe that we are being moved toward hyper-communism whereas the gov’t owns the minds of the citizens or people in a virtual sense.


About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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