I Will Never Leave God; Get behind me satan

I will never leave God, regardless of the strong atheistic movement around the world. God moved me off a flight that crashed and killed all aboard. An angry man pulled the trigger on me and God wouldn’t let the gun fire. God put my tire back on when it broke all log bolts while I was turning a curve at 70 MPH. I heard and felt it all before I got a change to pull off the highway. The tow truck driver said, “boy, someone was really riding with you.”

I was in a highway wreck when the car I was riding in was driven off the road and left the highway at 90 MPH and tumbled two stories down into a river bank. We all four lived and was walking within minutes. The car didn’t make it. All junk! The driver of the wrecked car returned a few days later to the junk yard to get a salvage receipt for his insurance company. He stopped at the Dairy Queen across the street from the salvage yard, and heard two men talking about “whoever was in that car has to be dead”. My neighbor, the driver, interrupted and said “no, we are all alive”. The men just looked at my neighbor and walked away without a word thinking that they would be talking to a crazy man. Guest what! Looking at the wrecked car, I would have thought the same.

A few months before I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle, OKlahoma Congress had passed a helmet law. I had only recently purchased a helmet when I was hit and knocked higher than a near school bus with my head down, and hit the pavement bursting my helmet. Go figure.

During my younger life, I was in many, many rough places (South Central L.A. for only one). I am sure there were numerous thoughts to harm me, but God kept me safe.

Oh, I must add another episode to my previous discourse on why “I will never leave God”. I was parachuting out of a jet plane alone with other 82nd Airborne paratroopers when I landed on top of another trooper’s chute due to high gusts of wind. Whenever a parachutist position under your parachute it will steal the air from your parachute and the chute will collapse. As my chute was collapsing on me which would have meant certain death while  standing in silk up to my knees I took a wild dive and God made me clear the edge of the chute underneath me. As I fell from 10 blocks in the air I quickly worked to untangle my chute so that it would fully deploy. God allowed me to untangle my chute only two stories from the ground and it deployed and broke my fall just in time to save my life.

Continuing, the wind gust was so high until I then began to be dragged down the landing zone at about 35 MPH. My arms were flopping uncontrollable to the extent that I couldn’t hit my emergency release button on my chest. Just as I was passing out, it was like God seized my hand and put it on the release button. Had not God done this my name would have been added to the many other paratroopers who were dragged to death.

In another incident, I was making a deposit from the previous day’s receipts of the electronic store in Hawthorne, Ca that I was managing when a gunman interred the Redondo Beach bank; walking behind the counters he shot a teller because she had aborted his alleged baby. The crazy-ed, doped-up man than began shooting coworkers. I was standing about 8 feet from the gunman behind a 3 foot partisan in the commercial cage when we all hit the floor. As I heard shots, thinking that I was next, I prayed to God not to let me die like a rat hurdled in a corner of a 3 foot partisan. Within a second God moved and told me to stand and walk slowly out of the bank. This was exactly what I was afraid to do! But, I obeyed immediately against all of my rationale. As I stood I looked the gunman in the eye and he looked lost in space as he stared back at me with his pistol in his hand and smoking. I obeyed God by slowly turning and walking slowly toward the door of the bank. As I neared to within 5 feet of the door I let fear take over and began to run toward the door and into the parking lot. I could hear people shouting in the parking as I ran. God intervened again and tuned by ears to hear two policemen among the crowd ordering me to stop. I stopped. The officers interrogated me because they didn’t know whether I was the gunman or not. Then, another bomb was dropped on me when one of the policemen told me that I was within two steps of him pulling the trigger to kill me because I hadn’t stopped. I had disobeyed God’s instructions by letting fear take over and had stopped moving slowly, and as a results was almost shot and killed. God had truly intervened again to save me. Thank God for tuning my ears to the two officers who were among 30 spectators who was shouting. Go figure.

I love you Father. I love you Jesus. My life is your life. Had it not been for You I would have been dead years ago.

I love you Heavenly Father. I love you Jesus; my life is your life. If I had a thousand tongues, I couldn’t praise You enough.

*** Will Myers

About Will Myers

I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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