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Dr. Hugh Ross

Have you heard about it? Everywhere I go these days, people are talking about the Great Departure. Young people raised in the church have been walking away from both the church and their Christian faith in alarming numbers, and only a few are coming back.
As much as Id like to say otherwise, the numbers dont lie. And yet they do seem ironic. For years churches have been adapting to the youth culture. Weve created attractive environments, exciting activities, and even some meaningful short-term service opportunities. These are all good, for sure. And yet this young generation is drifting away in greater numbers than ever, becoming spiritual nomads, prodigals, and exiles, to use researcher David Kinnamans terms.
The good news, here, is that Kinnaman has reached out to ask the drifters, themselves, why they left. The answer seems astounding, even heart-breaking, in its simplicity: We had questions, and no one was prepared to talk about them.
My colleague Jeff Zweerink recently gave an impactful and memorable presentation relevant to this woeful preparation gap, and Im eager to share it with you. Realizing how often young peoples questions focus on whether we can know what to believe, he identified four key components of effective communication. Jeffs example of how to connect science with the gospel is especially helpful.
Im convinced God has called Reasons to Believe to assist the church in addressing this crisis, specifically to equip our kids leaders and influencers for confident, honest engagement with questions about—and challenges to—biblical reliability. RTB resources, including live presentations (such as Jeffs), videos, books, online courses, and a resource-packed website, all are designed to demonstrate that Scripture is a timely and trustworthy revelation from God. Because you are the one who can personally engage the questioners in your sphere of influence, we want to continue providing you with practical resources for the task.
Attacks on biblical reliability, even on the concept of truth, come from virtually every direction today. What better response than preparation for these onslaughts? Insulation and isolation wont help. Readiness is essential (1 Peter 3:1516).
Earlier this week, when a group of Reasons Institute students watched the video of Jeffs talk, the response was overwhelmingly positive. The first C of the talk stands for confidence, and one student commented,
I am way more confident just from my short time being involved with science apologetics and RTB…New doors were opened and I could feel a huge weight being lifted off my soul. This lecture should be included in most of the courses offered. Great stuff.
Feedback like this amplified our enthusiasm for making Jeffs message as widely available as possible. So this month, as an expression of our thanks for your financial support, well be glad to send you RTB Live! vol. 16: 4 Cs of Science Apologetics. Find out what you can do to discuss your faith with others more confidently, clearly, credibly, and compellingly than ever. We want you to experience this same joyful freedom as you share the hope of our Creator and Savior.
Please keep Reasons to Believe moving forward with projects such as our Reasons Institute online education and other strategic initiatives to advance Christs kingdom. Together lets turn the Great Departure into the Great Return. Thank you for playing your own significant part in the action!

Featured Resource

Navigating Genesis Small Group Study DVD – In this 8-session series, astronomer Hugh Ross guides you through one of the most contested passages in Scripture (Genesis 1–2) and will equip you with powerful tools to share with family and friends. This study has been designed to help move Christians from feeling embarrassed and uncertain about their faith to confident and ready to share their beliefs with nonbelievers. This study includes a leaders and participants study guide as well as other useful tools.
RTB News for You:

RTB Live! vol. 13: Everyday Apologetics – Kenneth Samples fields a series of tough questions—the same kinds of difficult questions you might be asked by a nonbelieving friend or family member. Different from a debate, this is a friendly but challenging exchange that simulates a real-life interaction. It helps you prepare a ready answer for all who ask.
RTB Educational Programs –
Reasons to Believe offers innovative programs designed to prepare students to stand strong—building their personal growth and development. Reasons Institute is the premier content provider of science apologetics courses for Christian higher education. Reasons Academy offers a variety of resources to help parents and teachers introduce students to the harmony between science and the Bible.
Back-to-School: Science Apologetics for Students – Part of RTBs mission includes equipping believers to navigate the science-faith issues they encounter in their daily lives. So heres a roundup of articles, podcasts, videos, and other resources.

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Will you help us keep doing so today? The need is great!
With an additional $300,000 in support this summer, we will be able to multiply our training efforts. By equipping new ministry space, such as our new classroom and auditorium, we can dramatically extend the reach of our training programs. We can teach more seminary courses and connect more students with Reasons Institute (RI), where they can benefit from content like Jeffs 4 Cs.
As a thank you for helping us meet our ministry expansion expenses this summer, you can receive the RTB Live! vol. 16: 4 Cs of Science Apologetics for a donation of any amount.

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I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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