Guest Writer,  Dr. Caroline Leaf.

Throughout the year I have telling you about the amazing neuroplasticity of the brain, the literal ability to rewire the brain and create new and better networks. See VIDEO BLOG (1.26mins).

This aligns so perfectly with the Romans 12:2 -the renewing of the mind. I also introduced you to the newish science of EPIGENETICS which studies the extra-cellular factors that influence genetic expression. More specifically how we with our “I-Factor” have the ability to influence our own genetic expression. I will be teaching on this and the I-Factor “THE PERFECT YOU“at our annual SWITCH ON YOUR BRAIN Conference – August 21st and 22nd – DALLAS TX

This month, as we approach Christmas, I want to make you aware of how your thoughts not only affect you, but also your family and children and even as far down as your great great grandchildren! Science is showing us that the life experiences, thoughts and decisions of grandparents and even great-grandparents change their eggs and sperm so indelibly that this is passed onto their children up to 4 generations…this sounds a lot like the scripture “the iniquities of the father reach to the third and fourth generations” (Numbers 14:18)! As I love to point out: science is finally catching up with the bible.

This scriptural principal is scientifically termed: transgenerational epigenetic inheritance and basically means something outside the cell (diet, exercise, thoughts, nurturing) changes the “on/off” switches on the genes of the DNA in sperm and eggs.

Scientists has known for a while about these switches -clusters if atoms called methyl groups – but the fact that they can pass through the generations and that these tags can be reset is a new idea. Research labs around the world are are finding that experiences -lab rats being exposed to substances; people overeating; the decisions we make – leave a very tenacious imprint, an actual change in the switches.

These transgenerational effects can be healthy or toxic; for example what happened to your mother during her youth can affect your memory positively or negatively.

But….Here’s the GREAT news: no matter what happened, your gift, which is your ability to think in your unique way, can be used to change any epigenome you have created or that passed through to you through the generations. It’s up to you, your “I-factor”.

So the words you speak this Christmas, which come from the thoughts you think will affect you and those around you. Choose carefully or you are going to be doing a lot of rewiring!


A new book on ‘Thinking and Eating yourself smart, healthy and happy! and the Switch on Your Brain TV series season 2 that goes with new book are in production for 2015. Details TBA shortly. Pre-ordering will be available.

A new mobile/online program ‘Perfectly You‘ will be released end of 1st quarter 2014. Release date and details TBA shortly. Special price Pre-ordering will be available.

We are so excited to announce that Dr Leaf will be doing a TEDX Presentation – 4th February 2014…on what is considered to be the hard question of Science: “What is consciousness?’ and she will be covering her theory, God, Quantum Physics and the Non-conscious and Conscious MInd

Our TV series ‘Switch on Your Brain’ has become a TBN ‘hit’ and is re-airing on Tuesdays on TBN. See BROADCAST for details or to watch the replays.

Some upcoming events for the first six months of 2015 are listed below. See SCHEDULE for more details.


12th-16th – BVOV Broadcasts

19th -23rd – BVOB Broadcasts



4th – TEDx

21st-22nd – ALLENTOWN PA






23rd-25th – SOUTHLAKE TX

30th to 1st May SOUTHLAKE TX


7th-8th – TOLEDO OH




More events will be announced shortly.

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I am an "Intelligent Design" writer who has the Christian faith. Part of my background is that I have a degree in physics, and have been inducted into the National Physics Honor Society. Sigma Pi Sigma, for life. My interest has lead me into metaphysics, farther into Christianity. Optimum metaphysics becomes religion.
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